About us

CBD company d.o.o. (acronym in the English language: Contemporary Building Design) consists of a group of researchers, statikov and constructorsthat are highly specialized in the design and construction of wooden buildings with an emphasis on providing their seismic resistance. As researchers, we participate in the development of new technologies , both in the construction and wooden projektantskem in uvajajmo new knowledge in the field everyday construction practices. In this respect, the company is active in the promotion of sustainable CBD and ecological construction with an emphasis on increasing the comfort, the architectural expression, lifestyle choices and social values which should prevail in the postmodern society of the future.

Modern residential architecture and culture are taking ecological awareness and respect for energy-saving construction closely related to wood as a construction material, the only natural carry. The present time is dictated by the use of modern and healthy materials, supported by competent and professional projecting solutions. It is also part of the activities in the process-oriented education of students in various colleges and architects in Slovenia as well as abroad about new technologies sustainable construction with wood. We cooperate with researchers and professors, which we include as external lecturers with practical experience in their educational process, in the execution of such tasks as well as the preparation of doctoral theses.

The current research work is oriented towards capacity building of večetažnih of wooden buildings and upgrading existing energy-wasteful buildings that you can in the case of upgrades and thus yield due to the increase in sales areas, appropriate energy saniramo. In this way you can številnem an existing energy-efficient buildings to achieve the reduction through wasteful fondue energy losses, which would have a much larger effect than achieving new energy standards for new buildings.

We produce effective solutions to upgrade or parazitno upgrading of existing buildings can provide energy savings through an appropriate rehabilitation and seismic resistance.


Using a combination of innovation and engineering knowledge in the areas of: 

  • construction
  • architecture and urbanism
  • energy
  • ecology
  • wood tehnology
  • economy


Employee and associate structure/education:

  • 2 Doctor of Sciences
  • 3 University Graduates in Civil Engineering, 2 of them currently working as junior researchers in economics
  • 2 PhD candidate
  • Associates: Candidates for graduation and graduates in civil engineering


Research and development projects:

Public Agency of the RS for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (now SPIRIT Slovenia) – European Social Fund: Experts and Researchers for Competitive Enterprises
TIA-the European Social Fund "young researchers from the economy – 2009" and "generation of young explorers from the economy-Generation 2010 ' Public Agency for Technology Development of the Republic of Slovenia (TIA) – European Social Fund: Young Researchers for the Economy – Generation 2009 and Young Researchers for the Economy - Generation 2010 CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation-2010 "Laminated strong eco-material for building construction made of cellulose-strengthened wood – CELLUWOOD"

Evaluation stage 2 before confirmation: WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme "URBAN WOOD - Wood based construction for multi-storey buildings. Load Bearing Timber-Glass-Composites


Completed research projects:

Increase of seismic resistance of timber structures following the "Riko hiše" system, 2004–2006 Determining shear resistance of timber "block" walls following the "Lesimpex" system, 2008–2009

Evaluation of seismic resistance of timber structures following the "KLH" system, 2005–2009

Prediction of seismic response of a 7-storey timber building constructed of CLT solid panels tested in life-size scale on a shake table at Miki near Kobe, Japan


The latest three expert/scientific publications:

Articles presented at the World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 2010) in Italy:

DUJIČ, Bruno, ŠTRUS, Sarah, Ario CECCOTTI, ŽARNIĆ, Arm,. Prediction of dynamic response of a 7-storey xlam building massive wooden tested on a shaking table in the WCTE 2010 conference: proceedings. Riva del Garda, Italy: s.n., 2010, p. 1-8, ilustr. ROBINSON, David, DUJIČ, Bruno. Seismic analysis of existing buildings with different construction upgrades. In: WCTE 2010: conference proceedings. Riva del Garda, Italy: s.n., 2010, p. 1-6, ilustr. ŠUŠTERŠIČ, Iztok, DUJIČ, Bruno, GOSTIČ, Only. Timber structures seismically active on the upgrade of the areas. In: WCTE 2010: conference proceedings. Riva del Garda, Italy: s.n., 2010, p. 1-6, ilustr.

Other publications are recorded on the COBISS website::http://splet02.izum.si/cobiss/BibPersonal.jsp?init=t
Researchers' bibliographies – the code of researcher Bruno Dujič, PhD, is 17756 (entries for 2009 have not been completed yet, and there are no entries for 2010)