Execution of the buildings in the Xlam technology

The completed projects are available for viewing under the Projects tab. Here are the reasons why we recommend building with the Xlam technology.

The durability of timber structures depends greatly on the quality level of the construction itself. For this reason, the CBD company works only with highly experienced and skilled workers specialized in building Xlam structures. Our investors may choose to order an entirely finished building which includes a protected and finished exterior, i.e. a completed load-bearing structure, roofing, windows, doors as well as the fa├žade.


Description of assembling a house by means of cross-laminated panels

The solid CLT panels are delivered by lorries directly to the construction site, where they are unloaded and assembled to form the complete structure by means of a crane. The precisely fitting components are assembled into a complete structure by a company qualified in building timber structures. The procedure enables extremely short construction time, high-quality work execution as well as durable and safe construction, whereby this basis also enables designing demanding, creative and individually devised architectural housing solutions. An additional advantage arising from this method of construction is the possibility of occupancy and handing the building over for actual use in a short period of time.


Advantages of xlam construction

The advantages provided by such innovative and prestigious solid timber structures are mainly reflected in the high levels of seismic and fire resistance as well as in the great freedom of architectural expression and realisation of daring and challenging buildings. What is more, Xlam structures can be assembled remarkably quickly and with a great deal of precision, and provide prestigious comfort of living due to the natural feel of the solid timber frame. Moreover, there is a wide variety of the final finish options as the timber structure can be partly or entirely concealed, thus creating an interior as seen in traditionally built buildings. In comparison with other construction systems, the slender Xlam structure ensures higher net utilization of the building's surface (i.e. larger indoor spaces) while the external dimensions remain the same.

The lightness and exceptional connectivity of the Xlam structure bring significant savings in the course of laying the foundations, which is especially important when working on a site with lower load-bearing capacity where driving piles is required. The Xlam solid timber frame enables building structures devoid of thermal bridges, including multi-storey buildings. The structural elements made of cross-laminated timber represent a contemporary composite material exhibiting more levelled and superior mechanical and deformation features in comparison with the structural elements made of solid and glue-laminated timber, especially in cases where layers are glued perpendicularly to wood fibres. Cross-laminated elements are composed of cross-stacked timber lamellas or planks bonded together under great pressure along the surface (and, with higher-quality panels, sideways), thus producing a thicker, solid component. The basic raw material is usually coniferous tree wood that has been technically dried to reach moisture content of 12%, ensuring the timber is naturally protected against fungi, insects and moulds.


Professional expertise

As early as ten years ago, the CBD experts collaborated with the KLH company, a global pioneer in the field of producing cross-laminated (Xlam) solid timber elements, namely in developing the product, the relating computational methods and their application in civil engineering. We were in charge of research and development of computational methods to determine the seismic resistance of such buildings. Xlam is a product made in large-format components. Before the manufacture itself, it requires careful planning, construction and optimal cutting, followed by its incorporation into the building based on a well thought-out execution procedure.

In our capacity as experts in this field, we have taken over the responsibility on the market of integrating the Xlam elements into buildings as a construction product, and to do so in an optimal manner both in terms of costs and quality. In view of our qualifications and close ties with the Xlam element manufacturers, our investors and other manufacturers of prefabricated buildings can be provided with a project design and the relevant workshop documentation after calculating the optimum thickness and number of layers for the Xlam elements. In addition to delivering the Xlam elements, we provide consultation, supervision and assembly managing services, i.e. we carry out the assembly of the entire Xlam structure. In cooperation with top-quality associates, we can offer our investors the execution of the entire Xlam building up to the third extended construction phase, which means the building is completed from the outside.