Slovenian pavilion EXPO Milano 2015

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EXPO Milan 2015

Slovenia is one of the participants among of the 142 Member States. Architecture of Slovenian pavilion is design by SoNo architects and the structural designed by us, CBD.

Slovenia will participate in Expo Milano 2015 under the slogan "I feel sLOVEnia, Green. Active. Healthy." The story of Slovenia is the story of love of nature. Its name – SLOVEnia – even has the English word "love" running through it! Visitors will be guided through five themes: salt, bees, thermal and mineral waters, active lifestyle and green technologies. The country will showcase itself in its own pavilion. Featuring a pyramidal shape set on a dynamic geometric surface, the building reflects the geographical diversity of Slovenia: the transition from the Alpine mountains to the Pannonian plains, the Mediterranean hills and the cultivated fields, under which lies an extraordinary subterranean labyrinth of Karst caves, stalactites and stalagmites. In tune with nature, the pavilion is made of natural materials – wood and glass. The pavilion is made of natural materials – wood and glass. Slovenia is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe, making wood a strategic raw material. Slovenia also boasts exceptional historical heritage. For example, the world's oldest known wooden wheel with an axle was found in Slovenia. Our 5200 years old, it is older than the Egyptian pyramids and the Mayan civilisation.

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