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  • House Forma Vila

    House Forma Vila

    This boldly designed house was planned on a extremely large steep slope which required pilot-driving.

  • Extension to the house, Italy

    Extension to the house, Italy

    The extension to the existing house is another building erected in Italy and it is located at the end of a very narrow street.

  • CLT House D, Italy

    CLT House D, Italy

    The house structure consists of CLT panels and materials of the highest quality including wood fibre panels insulation.

  • Scandinavian House

    Scandinavian House

    This dynamically designed house with as many as 5 mezzanine levels is made of several materials.

  • Extension at Waldorf school, Lj.

    Extension at Waldorf school, Lj.

    The new part of the school is adorned by a prominent larch timber façade, with the core of the building made of timber as well.

  • The playful kindergarten Čebelica

    The playful kindergarten Čebelica

    At Bizovik in Ljubljana, a new kindergarten for children is coming into existence, made entirely of XLAM solid timber panels.

  • The upgrading of Hotel Terme

    The upgrading of Hotel Terme

    CBD upgraded a 4-storey hotel by two additional floors. Poor foundation work required us to use light materials.

  • Corporate building in Komenda

    Corporate building in Komenda

    This is a building that reflects the serious nature and a contemporary feel of a corporate space.

  • Corporate and warehousing facility

    Corporate and warehousing facility

    The overhanging part (8m x 8m) presented a great challenge as it has no support columns. 

  • Renovation of the rock villas

    Renovation of the rock villas

    These villas are over a hundred years old and, after being renovated they feature a combination of timber and stone.

  • Timber lookout tower, Frajka peak

    Timber lookout tower, Frajka peak

    The tower's special feature is its box-like core with seven individual rooms positioned along its entire height.

  • The Natura house

    The Natura house

    The mobile dwelling unit with completely furnished interior was made entirely of the spruce and fir tree timber.

  • Punkl, a unique youth hostel

    Punkl, a unique youth hostel

    The Punkl youth hostel at Ravne is the first eco-friendly, low-energy hostel made of timber in Slovenia.

  • Tourist information Centre

    Tourist information Centre

    CBD, d.o.o. built a bold timber structure distinguished by the interesting shape of a floating core and a large cantilever.

  • Kindergarten with visible XLAM

    Kindergarten with visible XLAM

    Made of Xlam solid timber panels, where the children's playrooms feature visible timber walls and a timber ceiling.

  • 15-metre overhanging roof

    15-metre overhanging roof

    When lifted, the Xlam timber overhanging roof weighed 25.5 tons. The raising and assembly is shown in photos and video.

  • Bivouac at Prehodavci

    Bivouac at Prehodavci

    It was assembled in merely two days at the altitude of 2065m. All Xlam construction panels were delivered by helicopter.

  • Timber hut at Kope

    Timber hut at Kope

    Located directly by the ski slopes at Kope is the largest timber facility in the Koroška region.

  • House with double overhang

    House with double overhang

    The house featuring a double overhang, each of which measures around 5 metres, occupies only 33 m2 of the plot surface.

  • Conservatory in Rogaška Slatina

    Conservatory in Rogaška Slatina

    The structure of the conservatory pavilion extension in Rogaška Slatina is made entirely of timber and glass.

  • Single-family house

    Single-family house

    This passive house with a two-sided roof is constructed entirely in timber and finished with a façade cladding

  • Tango low-energy house

    Tango low-energy house

    The low-energy house featuring a façade of thermally treated rough-cut planks provides great space utilization on a small plot.

  • Solid timber house

    Solid timber house

    This is the first timber low-energy building CBD company executed by means of XLAM panels. It is providing high quality of living.