We are a company that deals with the design and construction of building structures, especially for design, we specialize in all types of wood structures in seismic areas. Many lack knowledge in this area at our best producers of wooden houses, as their technology and design originates mainly from German and Austrian areas where fields are not seismically threatened. So we work with many firms and successful tesarstvi producing wooden houses and larger buildings, and for them to perform static and dynamic analysis and determine the necessary mechanical links between the wooden elements depending on the type obtežb in the location of an object. A lot of designing for the Italian area, where the legislation after the last earthquake in L'Aquila became very strict about proof earthquakes or safety of wooden buildings.

  • We cooperate with many manufacturers of wooden prefabricated facilities: Riko House, Rome, Jelovica, Lumar, Marles, Kager, Lady Haus, Carpentry, Carpentry, Lamovšek Ekoart Kregar, Prokonstrukt and. ..
  • We have over 150 concepts and computational analyses of wooden buildings throughout Europe.
  • We carry out design studies and design, static, seismic and fire analysis
  • Create project documentation (NGK) for all types of design systems (wood, steel, reinforced concrete, brick, different types of composite structures and systems)