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Gross surface area of the ground floor in m2 (*)
Gross surface area of the first floor in m2 (*)
Gross surface area of the second floor in m2 (*)
Visible interior surface (**)
The lower limit prices edited the supporting structure in EUR (excluding VAT) (***)
The highest limit prices edited the supporting structure in EUR (excluding VAT) (***)

(*) The gross surface area is the total surface of the floor along the external circumference of the load-bearing structure.
With regard to the image above, the surface of an individual floor can be calculated using the following equation:[m2] = A [m] x B [m].

(**) The interior surface of the cross-laminated panels can be visible or not.

  • The invisible surface (Nsi) is closed off by means of a finishing layer (plasterboard or similar) and is not additionally controlled or treated since it cannot be seen in the living area.
  • The industrially visible quality of XLAM (Isi) is controlled in manufacture through the selection of boards, with the fissures between the boards glued and the boards sanded. The surface meets the requirements for the visible residential surface and is ready for further treatment (fine sanding, coatings).
  • The visible quality of XLAM (Wsi) is the same as industrial, but undergoes additional shot blasting which produces greater smoothness. This makes it suitable for visible residential surfaces.

(***) The informative price quite includes the following: interior and exterior walls, mid-floor panels, load-bearing structure assembly.
It does not include the foundation plate or any previous/further construction phases.
The price of the assembled load-bearing structure made of XLAM, CLT panels depends on the wall/panel shape, cutting waste, construction complexity etc. It is therefore impossible to provide an exact price based on the building's surface area. The calculated limits represent a price outline. For a more detailed offer, please contact us with as much information as possible.